A new way to get Britain's top legal minds on your side

The law has changed.

Instead of always having to go Eldorado casino bonus through a solicitor to get legal advice or representation, you can now deal with a barrister direct.

So what’s the difference?

A medical analogy might help to Freespins explain: a solicitor can be likened to a GP – a professional generalist who is used to dealing with a variety of problems and passing some of them on to more specialised experts.

A barrister is like a consultant – a specialist in one area of the law, with in-depth expertise and experience.

The new regulations allow you to go direct to a specialist barrister without going through a solicitor, thus getting expert advice from the start and saving the cost of the solicitor.

But how do you find the right barrister for your particular circumstances?

The best way is to call Stobart Barristers. We’ll ask you to outline your situation (in complete confidence) and we’ll then recommend a barrister or QC with the expertise you need, from our extensive national panel of top professionals.

Our panel contains experts in every area of the law, from corporate contract disputes to criminal offences, and you’ll find much more information on how they can help by selecting one of the links at the top of the page.