The expert advice you need, without the solicitor’s bills you don’t

For the last eight years, barristers and businesses have been allowed to deal direct, without the need for a solicitor.

The new approach has worked well for companies that have embraced it, but many organisations have yet to benefit from this change in the law.

One problem has been finding the expert you need. How do you make contact with a specialist in a specific field of the law? Who but a solicitor has the knowledge to select the right barrister for the job? And how do you know whether the best person is prepared to deal direct?

Another issue has been administrative support. Barristers are solo professionals in the main, who don’t have a large staff to handle paperwork and arrange court appointments.

Stobart Barristers solves these problems.

We have a national panel of barristers and QCs whose specialisms cover every aspect of the law – from health and safety to contract law, we can find a barrister to help.

Their advice is available direct to your business, within days or even hours, for a simple, fixed fee.

And we have an efficient, experienced support service that deals with administrative details for both barristers and clients without charging solicitors’ fee-earner rates.

The time and money savings can be remarkable compared to the old way of doing things.

And the straight-talking insights on the best way to proceed, or even whether to fight a case at all, can simplify your business’s relationship with the law.

One phone call is all it takes to discuss your issue in confidence and be placed in direct contact with an experienced barrister or QC.

Working with your legal department

The Stobart approach is also well suited to organisations with in-house legal departments that deal with high volumes of claims and other legal challenges.

We can connect your teams directly with the right barristers in specialised fields, avoiding the need for contact with external solicitors, or the concern that a single chambers may not offer the widest choice of experience and expertise.

As the Stobart organisation itself has discovered, buying legal services this efficiently results in significant savings.

  I received summonses from the Environment Agency: in my name, as a director of the company; and the company also received a separate summons. I had engaged a solicitor for over 6 months and nothing seemed to be progressing. I therefore contacted Stobart Barristers and, within a matter of hours, I was speaking to an expert barrister who fully understood health and safety legislation and fully advised me. The initial call was free and I then agreed a fixed fee for the preparation and representation of my case. I dispensed with the services of my solicitor and I am very impressed with the services of Stobart Barristers.  

Mr F, Manchester  |  July 2012

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